May 7th,  2012

Mr James Irving

J.D. Irving

Saint John.


It has come to our attention in the past week, that since the year 2009, 83,000 cubic/meters of softwood per year, transferred from license #3 and designated for the Kedgwick lumber mill, has never, nor has it's equivalency, seen the light of day to be processed here in our community,

Although you may not have known of this serious transgression at the time, I am sure that since early March, when all this came to light you must be giving this unfortunate situation your undivided attention.

By our quick calculation, the total conservative amount of fibre diverted elsewhere over three years, represents 9 months  of mill operations here in Kedgwick.  In other words in a period of three years,  over 2,000,000.00$ (two million dollars) of employee revenue has been withheld from our economy. It is irrefutable.

We ask ourselves, has our community suffered because of a mistake on your part ? Or have we suffered because of your company's lack of moral decency by willfully diverting the wood fibre where it deemed more profitable for you, resulting from a total disregard of legal and binding contracts and documents.

For over a hundred years, we have been a community of workers. By the sweat of our brows, we have been providing the labour and the resources that are the essential elements that permit the lumber mill to function, that permits you to make profits and we to earn a living wage. It is a fine balance achieved by agreements and hopefully a sense of human decency. 

Of course you can understand why, as the information of this inappropriate situation is spreading from household to household, each time being distorted to add to the drama, the outrage amongst our citizens is building.  We are feeling violated by the unfortunate breach of this balance. We do not wish to escalate any conflict that may derive from this situation. All that we ask is that  it be quickly resolved and that honourable amends be presented to those  who have suffered.  Namely the workers and the community.

It is in both our best interest that  any negative fallout be contained as much as possible before it becomes a matter of trial by the public court. However to my knowledge, the media has recently been informed of the circumstances surrounding this matter and should soon be arriving at our doorstep.

We have been dealing with your family for many years now, your presence amongst our community has been one of respect and we do wish that it continues that way for we value your presence and the symbiotic relationship that has been achieved.

Several weeks ago we have formed the Kedgwick citizens committee to deal with all matters that affect our community. Of course this matter, among others, has become priority for us. We ask ourselves....... Is this truly possible? Has this really happened? Where did the wood go? Questions that should be answered. And how do we achieve reparation, and how do we return to a sense of mutual respect

With respect and hoping to hear positive reactions to this matter.

Charles Thériault   506-284-2237

Member of the Kedgwick citizen's committee

Giles Girard

President of the Kedgwick citizen's committee

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